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Connecticut Life Insurance

Connecticut Life Insurance, like most states, does not regulate life products on the policy level the way that states Departments of Insurance regulate other insurance such as health or auto. Regulations usually come into play when a claim is filed, and have to do with payment terms and other issues surrounding the disbursement of term life insurance death benefits. Under state Insurance Codes, provisions are provided to protect the rights of consumers living in the state of Connecticut, and the sellers of Insurance polices.

Why Do I Need A Policy?

You may wonder why do you even need to acquire a life policy in the state if Connecticut? Take a look at these figures.
Your 2011 Term Life Insurance to do list

Many people avoid investing in 2011 term life insurance simply because they imagine the costs as being too high for their budgets. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of insurance policies available for every set of needs and budgets. Insurance providers provide death benefit payouts ranging from as little as a few thousand dollars all the way up to a few million. Most providers offer more affordable term life insurance policies—term policies have low premiums and payout death benefits for the duration of a specific period.

If low premiums aren’t a priority, the majority of term life insurance feature coverage plans that accumulate cash value over the life of the policy. With universal and whole insurance it is possible to configure lucrative benefits packages that payout death benefits and can be cashed out or borrowed against like equity.

Learn about Mutual Life Insurance Companies

What is a mutual life insurance company

The savings portion of a mutual life insurance policy, there is usually a waiting period after the purchase of your policy for sufficient cash value to accumulate. Also, if the amount of the unpaid interest on your loan plus your outstanding loan balance exceeds the amount of your policy's cash value, your policy and all coverage will terminate.

Permanent life insurance policies enjoy favorable tax treatment. The growth of cash value is generally on a tax-deferred basis, meaning that you pay no taxes on any earnings in the policy so long as the policy remains active. Provided you adhere to certain premium limits, money can be taken out of the policy without being subject to taxes since policy loans generally are not considered taxable income. Generally, withdrawals up to the amount of premiums paid can be taken without being taxed.

Underwriting Private Pilots Life Insurance

Private Pilots Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is an essential part of your family's financial plan. This is especially true when you have dependents relying on you. The primary reason people buy life insurance is to replace the income that would be lost with the death of a wage earner. Imagine the challenges your family would face just maintaining your family's current lifestyle if you were no longer there. Adequate term life insurance quotes could spare your family from having to make some very serious financial sacrifices.

However, as important as pilots life insurance is, you don't want to pay too much for it. Life insurance premiums vary widely between companies for the exact same benefits. Pilots have the added concern that most life insurance companies just don't understand the actual risk of flying and charge excessive aviation surcharges for their policies. If the policy does not have the surcharge, it normally will contain an Aviation Exclusion Rider that makes the policy void if the insured dies in an aircraft accident.

How to find Affordable Life Insurance

The most affordable life insurance policies from any company are called “fully underwritten.” That means the company is going to ask you a lot of questions, not only about your health, but also about your family history and life style. If you are in good health, use good sense in your risk taking activities, and have a family history of getting checkups and exercise, you may be able to get a lower rate than the average person.

Some companies now have a “preferred plus” rate which is even lower priced than the old preferred rates. It is not easy to get, but is worth asking for. It also requires a little patience as the company will do a very thorough investigation to see if they are willing to take the risk of giving you that type of term life insurance policy. Even if you can’t quite qualify for “preferred,” you may be able to get a higher face value on a standard policy by simply making a few lifestyle choices.

Should you buy Group Term Life Insurance?

Learn about the details of Group Term Life Insurance

Group term life insurance is a policy that applies to everyone in a group in the exact same way. In some cases, this type of insurance may be provided at an employer at a very small cost, or even no cost, to the employee. A group term life insurance policy is one of the most common types of benefits offered by an employer.

The attraction for employers to group term life insurance is in its affordability. Due to the fact that the life insurance policy covers a broad group of people, it is relatively inexpensive. The risks are spread out among a larger group of people. Therefore, the insurer can afford to charge a lower premium than it may with many other types of life insurance policies. Even when the employee must pay a portion, it is generally a very small amount each month that will go toward premiums.

Tips for Saving Money on your Life Insurance

Term Life insurance quotes don’t always come cheap. That’s because insurance companies are taking a gamble when they decide to insure your life and, like all gamblers, insurers need to know how much of a risk they are taking when deciding whether or not your life is a safe bet.

Take these life insurance tips, as it can be tempting to be “economical” with the truth or just to downright lie as you fill out your policy form. However, omitting the full truth either by choice or ignorance can lead to your policy being declared void, which leaves those left behind with nothing, even if you have continued to make your monthly payments. Truth is always the best policy, so here are 3 top “don’ts” that you should bear in mind.

The Assurity Life Insurance Company

The Assurity Life Insurance Company origins are rooted in a century-long legacy of providing long-term security to policyholders, earning generations of customers' confidence and trust.

Focused on serving the needs of Middle America, Assurity specializes in providing innovative protection-based financial solutions for every stage of life. Assurity products can be tailored according to specific individual, family or business situations. We understand that consumers have unique protection needs and individual preferences for how they purchase their insurance protection. Assurity products and services are available through a nationwide network of brokers who serve individual clients one on one; to employees through their place of work; and by direct mail.

We focus on creating superior term life insurance value for our customers by cultivating lasting relationships, reinforcing our financial strength and fostering innovation in our products and services.

Term Life Insurance Basics

What is term life insurance?

This product is a very basic one, however you need to know the in's and out's of this type of policy because there are definite differences.

When asking yourself what is term life insurance, there are a few key things to ask. Term life insurance policies are by far the cheapest form of life insurance--at least in the beginning. In this case, a 40-year-old, non-smoking male, may pay $2,500.00 a year for a whole life policy with a death benefit of $250,000.00. However, the same policy in term form may only cost $300.00 per year. However, the whole life policy premium never increases over the years and also carries a cash build-up which can be used or borrowed at any time. The premiums on the term policy will increase as the insured grows older. For instance, when the 30-year-old male has his 70th birthday, his term life rates for that same term policy may be $12,000.00 per year, instead of the paltry $300.00 when the policy was first ordered.

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

A guaranteed minimum interest rate applied to the universal life insurance policy (usually around 4%) means that, no matter how the investments perform, the insurance company guarantees a certain minimum return on your money. If the insurance company does well with its investments, the interest rate return on the accumulated cash value will increase.

Universal Life Insurance, unlike term life insurance, allows you to choose from two types of options for a death benefit. Option A pays the death benefit out of the policy’s cash value; the more cash value you build up means the company is on the hook for less insurance (and therefore costs less). Option B pays the face amount stated in the contract, plus any cash values you accumulated over the years (costs more). Many Universal Life Insurance policies today offer a no-lapse guarantee: as long as you pay the minimum designated premium, the policy will stay in force to age 100 (or even to age 120). However, paying the minimum guaranteed premium is rarely sufficient to build up significant cash values.